LSU Men's Basketball hasn't had a great year, but based on where they were at this time last year, this season has been tremendous.

It's the first season for the Tigers under coach Will Wade, and even though the team will not be making the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, the team will likely see post-season play. Wade has led his team to a winning record in his first season, which is something people hoped for, but not something many fans were ready to guarantee.

Now, I did just skip over that big part of the equation up there when I casually tossed out that LSU will likely see post-season play. In fact, LSU will definitely play post-season ball. They are a lock for the NIT Tournament, but the question is, will they host a game?

Odds are in their favor.

According to the site projects LSU as a 3 seed in the NIT, which would give them a game in Baton Rouge. I don't know a whole lot about the NIT, but any home game seems like it would help with moving on in the tournament.

There are some other questions I have about this whole NIT thing, like is it better to be a 13 seed in the NCAA and get bounced after one game, or be a 3 seed in the NIT and win 3 games? Or will hosting an NIT game in Baton Rouge even excited LSU fans at all?

Anyway, it appears we're going to get answers to at least one of the questions above.

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