Yep. The reigning regular season MVP's kicks are what sold me.

All season long, the Golden State Warriors were in the back of my head. No, it's not because I grew up in California. It's because of their dominance on the court. Their league-leading 67 wins. Their astounding 39-2 home record. Their way of telling the world, "We own this season."

Never did I pay attention to Steph Curry.

Of course, he was leading the way all season, but I didn't really watch him until he was named the Most Valuable Player of the regular season. Yeah, I guess I'm a sucker for a man with a title.

So I started watching.

It's hard not to like Steph. (And let me just say, the guy looks like Yeah-Yeah from the Sandlot. Just sayin'.) He leads by example on the court, averaging 28.3 points per game, but also being the voice that lifts his team when they're down.

And then I saw what he writes on his shoes...

Yeah, I will always be a Steph Curry fan from here on out. He not only knows how to lead... But he definitely knows how to follow too.

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