Yesterday marked one of the saddest days on the calendar.

It was one of only two days in the year without an NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB game.

Each year, the book end days around MLB's All-Star game are slow.

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Monday, there was at least the Home Run Derby.

ESPN began airing the ESPY awards BACK IN 1993 on the sad sports day, trying to grab the attention of sports fans.

Now airing on ABC, the ESPYs have had a wide range of hosts, including athletes such as Lance Armstrong, LeBron James, Peyton Manning, and last night, first time host Steph Curry.

Steph Curry
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As every host does, he opened up the ceremony with jokes, taking shots at the Boston Celtics, who the Golden State Warriors defeated last month in the NBA Finals.

He was even making Celtics jokes in vignettes.

As a two-time NBA MVP, 4-time NBA Champion, and fresh off an NBA Finals MVP, Curry was able to take shots from his pedestal, and no one was off limits, including LeBron James.

Honestly, it's not a good joke.

Of all the LeBron material in the universe he could've worked with, he teased him for losing the 2007 NBA Finals when James was 22 years old?

Pelicans center Jonas Valančiūnas did a better troll job on James, arguably the second to best basketball player in history, in a simple game of charades.

How did you feel about Curry as the host of the ESPYs?

Did he nail it? Or fall flat?

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