Growing up I was always told how Irish the family was. Didn't mean much to me then, outside of St. Patrick's Day. But it seemed like on St. Patrick's Day, everyone was Irish anyway. So I went out of my way to find something about being Irish on St. Patricky's Day to give me an upper hand. My aunt ended up telling me why people got pinched for not wearing green, and that became my gimmick.

But I never knew if it was true. But according to The Christian Science Monitor, she was right:

"Forgot to wear green on St. Patty’s Day? Don’t be surprised if you get pinched. No surprise, it’s an entirely American tradition that probably started in the early 1700s. St. Patrick’s revelers thought wearing green made one invisible to leprechauns, fairy creatures who would pinch anyone they could see (anyone not wearing green). People began pinching those who didn’t wear green as a reminder that leprechauns would sneak up and pinch green-abstainers."

Whatever your St. Patrick's Day traditions are, I want to invite you to come share some of them with us at this year's Patty In The Plaza event at Festival Plaza in Downtown Shreveport. We have live music, Irish food, green beer, games, prizes, and The .08k Race.

You can get tickets and information here:

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