Surprise! The worst twerk fail ever video, featuring a girl setting herself on fire while twerking and went viral on YouTube, was the invention of Jimmy Kimmel and professional Hollywood stunt woman Daphne Avalon who played who Kimmel dubbed 'Flamey the Twerking Girl.'

Avalon, who used the name Caitlin Heller in the YouTube video, was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Together, they explained that they made the video and uploaded it only to YouTube, not doing anything extra to help it catch on, such as sending it to news websites or posting on Facebook or Twitter.

Who is Daphne Avalon?

Daphne Avalon is a professional Hollywood stunt woman and has appeared in the hit TV show Glee, worked on a Call of Duty commercial (she was the 'horse lady' in the Black Ops II TV spot) and has a degree in sociology.

Avalon also loves horses. She's appeared in the B-movie "The Nightmare Code" and "The Hunted."

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