Heckling is an institution in all sports from the high school level all the way to the professional level, and one can even say it extends into pewee sports. As an avid heckler myself, I understand and accept all consequences with that. One 49ers fan just had to deal with the consequences of his heckling. In the most recent Monday Night Football game, a 49er fan was at the receiving end of a pretzel thrown by none other than the wife of Matthew Stafford. Kelly Stafford has since issued an apology for the action.

Now I know earlier I stated how the 49er fan had to accept the consequences for his heckling, which is very true. However, I do not believe it was right for Kelly Stafford to throw a pretzel at the individual. She crossed the line. As the wife of the star quarterback of the Rams, there are things you can't do and that is one of them. Now she must deal with the consequences of her actions. Because that fan can now sue her for throwing the pretzel. Kelly and Matt better get ready to pony up a hefty chunk of change. Because if I'm the fan I'm suing them for as much as I can.

This is just another distraction for the star quarterback. He doesn't need any more distractions as his team just suffered a bad loss to the 49ers. But as a Saints fan, I can't help but love seeing the Rams crumble.


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