The Rangers just couldn't catch a break in Chi-town! The White Sox took advantage of a team that simply looked exhausted and are anxiously waiting for the All-Star break!

White Sox rookie starting pitcher Jose Quitana was on top of his game yesterday. Quintana (4-1, 2.04 ERA) pitched 8 excellent innings of baseball, where he only allowed TWO hits and ONE earned run!

While Quitana was on his game, it's not like the Rangers weren't on theirs. Matt Harrison, who was searching for win #12 on the season, also went 8 innings. While Harrison (11-4, 3.10 ERA) gave up 8 hits, not many of those runners on the basepaths were able to cross the plate, as he only allowed 2 earned runs. Pretty impressive, if you ask me!

While there wasn't a lot of action, offensively, the highlight from yesterday came in the bottom of the 6th inning, when the newest member of the Chicago White Sox, Kevin Youkilis went deep! His blast gave the Sox a 2-1 lead over the Rangers.

After that big blast, both Sox and Ranger pitchers were able to shut down their opposing batters. Which meant, the Rangers were not able to add on to their score, losing 2-1.

This sweep should be nothing to worry about, it's a case of "you can't win 'em all!"

The Rangers look to rebound, tonight at 7:05 as they face the Minnesota Twins in Arlington.


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