Some teams have bad luck with injuries. Losing their starting quarterback, or a pitcher needing Tommy-John, or a basketball player having small bruise (it's a joke) can have a profound negative affect on a team's season.

Some teams have extremely bad luck with injuries. Maybe it's an entire pitching staff being out, or the rare cases where basketball teams are playing with less than 5 players because of injuries and fouls. Two NFL teams, the '21 Ravens and Saints, both stick out for having severe injury issues throughout the season.

And then some teams are the 2022 Chicago White Sox.

That is a ridiculous state of affairs. Over the past 365 days, the White Sox have managed to have at least one injury at every anatomical region of the human body.

For those of us who didn't go past freshman biology, here's a breakdown that I definitely didn't just look up on Google.

The human body is broken up into two main sections, the axial body, which refers to the center of the body, and the appendicular body, which refers to the upper and lower limbs.

The axial body is then broken up into the head/neck region, the thorax, the abdomen/pelvis, and the back.

The upper limbs are broken up into the shoulder, the elbow/forearm, and the wrist/hand. The lower limbs are broken up into the hip/thigh, the knee, and the foot/ankle.

That gives us 16 basic regions of the body.

To give an idea just how injured the '22 calendar year White Sox are, they have accumulated 53 injuries and 31 IR placements, meaning they average one injury per three games and an IR placement every five games.

Some highlights (or in this case lowlights)?

FOUR right hands.

SEVEN hamstrings.

THREE groin strains.

One each of a torn ACL and UCL.

And two knee tendons.

Even baseball announcers were taking notice. Katie Nolan even shouted out the White Sox reddit post referenced in the screengrab above.

The only part of the collective White Sox's body that had been left unscathed was the left hand/wrist area. Until...

This is injury bingo, and the White Sox are playing blackout.

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The response to this "fun fact" on Twitter was a mixture of bemusement and blame.

White Sox fans, I feel for you.

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