Just a couple of months ago, Greedy Williams was being projected as a Top 10, maybe even Top 5, pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. He then blew up at the NFL Combine, running one of the fastest 40 yard dash times of ANY athlete this year.

So why is his draft stock falling?

We have no idea. Greedy was a high school star in Shreveport, playing for Calvary before moving on to LSU. Once in Baton Rouge, it took an injury to a teammate to get him into the spotlight, but once he had it, he never let it go.

He constantly stayed at the top of the national scene of defensive backs in the NCAA, shut down SEC monsters like D.K. Metcalf, and continued the proud tradition of DBU for the Tigers.

But again, his draft stock is falling. So lets see how far...

We've compiled the projections from 5 of the leading sports publications in the country to try and figure out where Greedy will be going. Here's what we found:

Fox Sports: #14 - Atlanta Falcons

NBC Sports: #21 - Seattle Seahawks

Bleacher Report: #20 - Pittsburgh Steelers

NFL Network: #20 - Pittsburgh Steelers

CBS Sports: #23 - Houston Texans

OK, so it looks like a good news/bad news situation for Greedy Williams. Of course you want to be as high of a draft pick as possible, for financial and pride reasons. The bad news is that probably won't happen for Greedy. But the good news is, all of the teams looking for Defensive Back help in the second half of the first round are pretty good.

It would be terrible for Louisiana football fans who root for the New Orleans Saints to see Greedy go to the Atlanta Falcons, but if he landed with Seattle, Pittsburgh, or Houston, he'd be in GREAT shape for his career.

All three of those locker rooms have veteran leadership, they are traditionally winners, and have great fan bases.

It might not be the exact dream Greedy had at the beginning of this process, but 7 years from now, it might be the best thing that could have happened.

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