Not all moms have actual human children. Here's what to get the woman who pours her heart and soul into her canine child.

Mother's Day is on Sunday (May 13). It's a day to honor those women who gave birth to us and raised us to be decent human beings. We owe a lot to mom. She has done a thankless job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for however many years you've been on Earth. She is a hero!

I don't want to take away any of the love and respect mothers deserve, but I do want to shed some light on the furry moms out there. Wait... that came out wrong. The moms of furry pets! Dog moms have an unconditional love for canines in their life. I didn't understand it until I brought home Oliver almost two years ago.

He's my lil' man and I would do anything for him. With this kind of love in my heart I can't help, but consider myself a dog mom and therefore, may want a few things come Sunday. Obviously, Ollie can't make breakfast for me, but the other humans on earth could definitely provide these gifts for me.

1. An Extended Cuddle Sesh: Dog moms can't get enough of the cuddles and snuggles with their dogs. On mother's day, we want to sleep in or spend extra time on the couch doing just that. Just leave us alone... which leads me to number 2.

2. A No Judgment Zone: Whether it's staying at home just to love on our pups or taking our dogs with us wherever we go, keep your judge-y looks to yourself. If I want to dress up in matching outfits and feed my dog a Pup-accino from Starbucks with a spoon while snapping countless photos for Instagram, I should have one day where no one bats an eye.

3. A Photographer: In light of No. 2, I think it would be best to find me a photographer for the Mother's Day celebrations. A professional photographer would be ideal, but I will also accept qualified "Instagram Husbands." Resumes can be posted below.

4. Accessories: If you do have the time to purchase an actual gift for a dog mom, any kind of accessory for the dog will do. Of course, I don't know a single dog mom out there who would turn down any kind of clothing, coffee mug, key chain, fridge magnet, etc... with our dog's face on it. Obviously we're obsessed.

5. Respect: Clearly being a dog mom doesn't compare to being a mother to an actual human. I get that. Not all of us have had the chance to create life in that way. Just understand that we love that little nugget like it was our own child and will find any ridiculous way to celebrate that love.


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