For those who don't know, last week I severely burnt my hand while cooking for my kids. The story is a little stranger than you might expect.

It's taken me four days to share this story, and I'm not sure why it's taken me song long. Maybe it's because the story is humiliating and embarrassing, or maybe it's because I'm in intense pain typing this article as we speak. Yet, I feel like this is a story that simply has to be told, so here we are.

Last week, my daughters had a big night. Both of them had a mountain of school work that needed to be done and turned in the next morning, which means their normal nightly activities were put on hold for the night. That's right... No Fortnite, no pillow fights with daddy, and no playing outside. It was strictly business, and my daughters weren't happy about it. So, I decided I would surprise them with two toys they had been wanting once they finished their work.

So when we got home, I went inside first looking for a place to hide their toys. I had to find a place that they would never look, to make sure my surprise would go off without a hitch. I found the perfect spot... You guessed it, the oven. After all, that's the one place I know for sure my kids would never look.

About an hour after we got in the house, my oldest asked for something to eat. I told her not to worry, I would have a pizza ready for her in a few minutes. So I go to the oven, and set that bad boy on 400 degrees. Long story short, a few moments later, I smelled the smell of burning plastic and rushed to the kitchen to quickly arrive at the realization that I just messed up in a major way. Still, in that brief moment, I didn't think the oven had been on long enough to do any damage.

So, I grabbed the plastic handle of one of the toys in an effort to remove it, only to find the plastic was now basically molten lava and it quickly wrapped around my middle finger, causing the most intense pain I have ever felt. The plastic and my finger seemingly became one in that moment, and in my struggle to remove the plastic from its death grip on my finger, I burned two other fingers severely as well as my palm.

Luckily for you, and unluckily for me, my daughter was on my stream at the moment, and the audio of that fateful moment was captured and will live on forever. Enjoy!


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