TBS's "Drop The Mic" had Shania Twain and Meghan Trainor on the show. I have been dying to see Shania Twain in concert, but not in a rap battle. When I first heard about it I was convinced Shania was trampled by Trainor. Thank goodness that there were three rounds. Trainor unleashed fire in her first verse."When I was told I’d be battling one of my idols, I wondered if beating her was worth the title,” of course I was thinking how sweet of Meghan Trainor, up until she follwed it with “Shania Twain? No problem, I thought you meant Dolly Parton.”

Both Shania Twain and Meghan Trainor made peace at the end and admitted that they didn't want to do the rap battle. Shania Twain ended the battle with "I know we are battling to see who is meaner, but I love you so much girl, I didn't want to do this either." Who do you think won the rap battle?

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