You can hardly blame Shania Twain for wanting to get rid of the shoes that tripped her up when she fell during the 2011 CMT Video Music Awards ceremony in June — and you’ve got to hand it to her for raising some money for a good cause in the process.

After autographing the infamous heels, Shania put them up for auction on eBay two weeks ago, and after a 63-bid frenzy, she sold them for $9,000 — which will go to her Shania Kids Can charity, benefiting underprivileged children in Canada.

“I can personally relate to the effects of growing up with difficulties at home and understand the problems kids can face while trying to fit in with the other students who are not experiencing the same disadvantages in their personal lives,” Shania explained on her website. “My reason for creating this program is to ensure that underprivileged children in our communities are provided and cared for during their time at school, to help prevent them from falling through the cracks. I feel luck saved me from falling through the cracks as a child and believe it’s neither wise nor fair to leave the destiny of any child to luck.”

After taking her spill in the shoes, Shania quipped that she never wanted to see them again, and she found a great way to make her wish — and the wishes of some kids in need — come true.

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