Beware, ‘Harry Potter’ fans: if you’ve been waiting to purchase the saga on DVD or Blu-ray, you’d better do it quickly, because a force more powerful than Voldemort is about to make them disappear.

On December 29, Warner Bros. has announced it will stop shipping all eight ‘Harry Potter’ films, as well as the upcoming ‘Complete 8-Film Collection,’ which debuts November 11. 

Studios taking popular movies off the home video market is nothing new. Disney pioneered the practice during the ’80s, and continues to issue its classic titles on a limited-release basis. However, the December 29 cutoff date means the two most recent ‘Potter’ titles, including ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2,’ will be in print for less than two months.

It’s bound to drive up demand for ‘Hallows Part 2′ as well as ‘The Complete Collection,’ especially during the holiday season, and should help shore up Warners’ sales in the disc market, which has been flagging in recent years as more affordable streaming and home rental services have lured customers away.

The ‘Harry Potter’ films have been hugely successful for the studio: with a combined gross of more than $12.1 billion, they constitute the biggest overall box office franchise of all time.

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