The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means there will be some great sales to be found. However, had some unbelievably low prices on Nov. 6. Too low, it turns out.

Thanks to what seems to be a glitch on the site, several items were being offered and snatched up by buyers at ridiculously low prices.

Walmart told 710 KEEL the glitch is an internal issue that they are still investigating, not an external hack or compromise of the system meaning customer information is not at risk.

However, the world's largest retailer did tell KEEL they will be cancelling most orders that included the wrong prices.  They will refund customers and give them each a $10 e-gift card for their inconvenience.

Some of the prices that were seen online were definitely too good to be true...

One person was able to buy what would normally be a $300 tent online for $34.

Townsquare Media Shreveport

Others have said that they saw items like projectors that normally sell for $900 on the site be priced at $8.95.

Some other really weird prices listed include a very expensive can of Lysol.

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