From the technology crime bureau comes an unsettling report of an enterprising gentleman in Albany, NY who tried to get hot shots of ladies doing their business in a CVS bathroom with his iPhone, only to get busted by the cops.

Vaughn Greene was an intern at the CVS on Latham Road (CVS has interns?), and when a 60 year old woman came into the store asking to use the bathroom, he said he needed to check first. He went into the restroom, took out his iPhone, engaged the video recorder and left it in there propped up between two rolls of toilet paper.

Unfortunately for Greene, an iPhone isn’t the most subtle thing to leave in the bathroom, and the woman noticed it and brought it to the manager, thinking it was lost. When they noticed that it was recording video, they investigated the files on the device and discovered that it had been used to film over thirty women using the toilet. They also found video of Greene setting up the phone.

The cops came to bust the peeper, and he faces up to four years in jail. He was also let go from his CVS internship, which must have been quite a blow. I think CVS just found their new slogan, “We’ve got your back…side…on camera”.

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