Saturday was an eventful night at the Hot Wheels Skating Palace in Bossier. The area's last local sports franchise, The Twin City Knockers, beat up on the Capital Defenders from Baton Rouge 202-158.

If you have never witnessed a roller derby match, this would be a great season to start.

Chris Dee
Chris Dee





The ladies of the Twin City Knockers recently told The Tiger how they stay motivated between bouts:

For those who are wondering, how does a team in any sport score so many points in a game.

Here's a guide on how to score points in roller derby:

  • Start skating about 20 feet behind the pack of blockers and pivots and try to pass them all. This will start the jam time, where you and the opposing jammer have 60 seconds to score as many points as you can.
  • Circle the track all the way back to behind the pack and try to break through it again. You score one point for every opposing skater you pass, including all the blockers and the opposing jammer.
  • Repeat this process as many times as you can within the 30-second jam time. Once the jam ends, the teams reset the pack, and the jammers will look to start a new jam.
  • Take advantage of your blockers. They will work like offensive linemen in football, looking to create openings and assist you in breaking from the pack while preventing the opposing jammer from doing so.
  • Stop a jam early by placing both hands on your hips after breaking through for a score. This can be used to stop the opposing team from scoring, which is why you want to break from the pack first.

The next time the Knockers will suit up is on April 27, when they are home to face the East Texas Bombers.

Tickets are only $10, and proceeds from the event will benefit The Gingerbread House.


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