If you're like most folks,  turkey is on your menu for Thanksgiving, which is just little more than a week away.  Every year I have to pull out the ol'  recipe book,  but sometimes there are questions I need answers to asap.


That''s where the Butterball Hotline comes in handy.  You can call the Butterball Hotline and get answers on how long to cook your turkey,  how to tell if  it's ready to eat, and other questions.

In fact, the phone lines are already open for Butterball turkey's talk-line.  My mother used the hotline for years and passed the tradition on to me.

Here's the hotline number: 1-800-BUTTERBALL.  When you call,  you'll be able to  get expert advice and even some recipes.  This year, there's even help available through Facebook,  Twitter,  live chats and email.

You can call the Butterball Hotline Monday through Friday through Christmas Day.    In fact,  I called it just a few moments ago and here's my conversation with the Butterball Hotline expert.

The Turkey help website from Butterball is http://www.butterball.com/tips-how-tos/turkey-experts/overview