Trick plays and an amazing catch secured the third win of the year for the Tulane Green Wave on a National ESPN broadcast Thursday night.

As many people were getting bored with the NFL's Thursday night offering between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans, the nation found their way to ESPN for an American Conference tilt between Tulane and Houston. Which turned out like a fantastic option.

First of all, Tulane was wearing their sick teal alternative uniforms. Which are absolutely amazing.

The game itself was firmly in Houston's grasp, after hitting a long touchdown pass on their first play of the game. But when former LSU quarterback Justin McMillan eventually took over, Tulane exploded.

In the third quarter, he helped tie the game with a 15 yard touchdown run. Then after the teams traded field goals, the score was 31-31, when Tulane received a Houston kickoff, and returned it to the 29 yard line. From there, with just 18 seconds on the clock, Tulane lined up in "victory" formation, where the quarterback usually takes a knee to let the clock run out. The move appeared to be a play to get the game into overtime.

But that's not what Tulane had in mind.

The ball was snapped, McMillan quickly handed the ball off and faked a run to the offenses right. The ball was handed to the running back, who took it around the left, running past confused Houston defenders, getting the ball to midfield.

From there, the McMillan show executed the closing scene, as he launched a pass into TRIPLE COVERAGE, which was caught by Jalen McCleskey around the 25. From there, McCleskey turned it up field, and took it into the endzone for a 57 yard touchdown with just 3 seconds left on the clock.

Tulane ended up winning by a final of 38-31.


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