Mother Nature does not care about our calendar. She doesn't care that we say Hurricane Season should start June 1st. Mother Nature plays by her rules and once again it looks as if the ol' gal is going to jump the gun on a June 1st start to the 2020 Hurricane Season in the tropical Atlantic.

Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center are eyeing an area of disturbed weather just north of the Bahamas and off the southeastern coast of the United States. Forecasters say the development of this system will be slow for the next 48 hours. However, by this weekend we could have a named tropical system in that area of the Atlantic.

The latest report from the Hurricane Center discussed a broad area of low pressure in the Western Atlantic. Forecasters are giving this system a 70% probability of spinning up into a tropical cyclone.

As of now, track forecasts suggest the system will be pushed further away from the United States coastline over time. That's good news because the United States is currently dealing with a pandemic so a tropical storm wouldn't be a nice addition.

Hopefully, this will not manifest into much of a system or at least much of a system that will affect any landmass. Expect an updated forecast from the Hurricane Center later this morning.


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