It was  incredible that Trace Adkins and his family escaped from their recent house fire without injuries.  And now we've learned from Taste Of that the Adkins’ puppies were rescued from the blaze by none other than Trace’s 10-year-old daughter, Brianna.

“A neighbor tried to stop her, but her love for the dogs made her unstoppable,” says Adkins.  After he returned home to find everyone safe and sound, he told Brianna, “I’m proud of you for the way you saved those puppies.”

Adkins jokingly refers to the Australian shepherds as “girl dogs,” and couldn’t be happier to have his family together.  Their new living quarters in the Adkins farmhouse outside of Nashville aren’t what they’re accustomed to, Trace says  “We’re good. We’re fortunate. We don’t have any room to put stuff – but we don’t have stuff anymore!”

Trace Adkins CMA Fest Press Conference

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