The Krewe of Centaur parade is this Saturday, February 3, 2018 and Centaur's float riders have some tips for parade goers!

It's typical for people to get upset if they feel like they aren't catching enough beads. Chances are, that if you aren't catching anything, you're in a 'No Throw' zone or you're getting too close to the float. We don't want to be spoil sports here, but all of the rules that are in place per the City of Shreveport and the krewes, are there for not only your safety, but for the safety of the float riders who are throwing you trinkets that they paid for out of their own pockets!

Maybe you've seen this list of parade hints circling social media this week from your KoC friends. If not, give it a read if you plan on attending the parade. Follow the rules, and you'll have more beads, cups, etc... than you'll know what to do with! Let the good times roll!

It’s Parade Week people! Here are some hints for having fun at the parade:
1)If you want something from me, please make a poster or have some way to stand out from the crowd... please don’t hate me if I don’t see you!
2)If you want a Specialty Bead, the best way to get them is to come to our Float Loading Party on February 2 at 5:30! We don’t throw a lot of these, because they will break if they hit the ground…
3) Stand back away from the floats. We are instructed to throw to the back of the crowd for safety reasons.
4)Please keep an eye on your kiddos… Nobody wants an accident.
5)Please don’t set up in a No Throw Zone. The city will pull our float if we throw to you in a No Throw Zone. They are marked on the parade route.
6) Have fun, drink responsibly, and pace yourself! It’s a marathon, not a sprint! LOL! Lyft home if you need to…
7) Please don’t throw anything at anybody on a float. We aren’t prepared for it and with the lights we can't see it coming toward us.
8)Have a fantastic time! The Krewe of Centaur loves our community and wants everyone to have a blast. Be kind to each other!

BTW, I'm on the Jester/Woods float! I'll be on the rear driver's side, up top! Make sure to get my attention because I've got tons of stuffed animals to throw this year!

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