Struggling to find a Halloween costume this year? This could help!

How is the costume hunt going? Have you found the one or are you still searching? That being said, are you even willing to share what your idea is? Sometimes I think Halloween costumes are like baby names. You don't always want to share with others and risk having your idea stolen or shamed.

If you're still looking, might I suggest a ghost?

Not only is it super easy to make at home, but it's also the most-searched costume in Shreveport. This is according the Google's Frightgeist. Google has been collecting data on what people are searching for on their site for Halloween. Aside from seeing which costumes are most popular across the nation, you can also see what we're looking for in Shreveport.

So grab yourself an old, dingy white sheet, cut up the edges along with holes for your eyes and mouth, and you're good to go!

Here are the top ten most-searched for costumes in the nation...

1. IT
2. Witch
3. Spider-Man
4. Dinosaur
5. Descendants
6. Clown
7. Fortnite
8. Chucky
9. 1980s
10. Unicorn

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