A Waffle House in Thibodaux was allegedly cited last week for staying open after curfew as they fed linemen in town working to restore power to the area.

Waffle House In Thibodaux Cited For Serving Linemen After Curfew

Last week at the Waffle House located on N. Canal Blvd. in Thibodaux, officers issued the restaurant a citation for violating the city's 7pm to 6am curfew in place due to the damage done by Hurricane Ida.

Curfews are put in place for good reasons, with one of the main reasons being to keep people safe in dangerous situations.

So, why was Waffle House knowingly violating the Lafourche Parish curfew?

According to South Louisiana journalist Kiran Chawla, Waffle House was feeding linemen in town working to restore power to the area.

Chawla says that linemen from Georgia from Alabama were in town to help restore electricity to Lafourche Parish were staying at nearby hotels. After working all day, they were in need of some food so they could get some quick sleep, wake up, and do it all over again.

The Waffle House is within walking distance of the hotels.

From unfilteredwithkiran.com -

The curfew goes from 7pm till 6am and officials did say it would be strictly enforced. The Waffle House was open till 9pm before they were forced to shut down.
The crew working at Waffle House this particular night did lock the door after receiving the summons to keep additional customers from coming in, but the manager made it a point to feed everyone who was already in line.  


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At that point, other linemen had to be turned away, but according to Chawla, the manager told them she would be back at 5:30 am to start cooking for them again.



If the situation was indeed as it has been described, I'm sure this is one citation that the City of Thibodaux will be happy to let disappear.

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