2016 was quiet a year on Facebook. We had crazy viral videos and we were in an election season, thus things were interesting on the social media platform.

Facebook looked back on the year 2016 and here are the three most popular videos of the year, on this social media outlet.

The most popular video was the video featuring "Chewbacca Mom." This woman ibought a Chewbacca mask in May, and couldn't stop laughing while she tried it out.  It's racked up over 162 MILLION views.


The second most popular video of 2016 on Facebook was a video shot by a musician Ted Yoder. He covered the popular song "" Everybody Wants to Rule the World" on an instrument called a hammered dulcimer.


The third most popular video of 2016 for Facebook was a video posted that showed the countdown to the next Presidential election. Yes, the countdown is on for 2020.


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