Remember last July when everyone became experts on "Saharan Dust Clouds"? Well, it's time to break out that knowledge again.

Another giant cloud of "Saharan Dust" has pushed across the Atlantic Ocean, and has set up shop in the Gulf of Mexico. Now as the winds in the Gulf start shifting around, it could push that "dust" to the Ark-La-Tex.

From the images provided by Meteorologist Alan Sealls in the video above, it looks like this summer's dust cloud is smaller than last year's. Which means that it may not actually reach our area, and if it does, it probably won't last as long as it did in 2018. Things were so bad last summer, Air Quality Alerts were being issued.

Sealls also adds a positive note in his video too. Apparently these dust clouds can help reduce tropical storms in Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. If that's the case, seems like a few days of haze are a pretty solid trade off to spare us from a few hurricanes.

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