Last October Mike VI died after a battle with cancer and after a long search it looks like LSU might have found Mike VII. Vets from LSU say they've found a young 9 Month Old Tiger living at a rescue in Florida who they expect to take over the role.

Currently at LSU they're redoing the Tiger enclosure which they expect to be completed in the next few weeks. After work is done the Tiger from Florida will be brought in and after getting used to his surroundings will be brought out to the public. The New Tiger has Siberian and Bengal features and is said to be around 160 lbs.

The Tiger is being donated to LSU which has become a tradition for the university since 1958 where they do not support for profit breedings of Tigers but rather help save Tigers from rescues. So it looks like around the start of the 2017 season LSU will once again have their beloved Tiger!

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