They're from England, but reside in the Crescent City. And Saturday, March 15, the Molly Ringwalds are going to pump Shreveport's Festival Plaza with the best music of the 80s at Patty in the Plaza.

I got a chance to chat with vocalist Sir Devon Nooner, who told me the band is excited to return to the SBC.

"We're doing a couple gigs in Dallas before the show on Saturday. So we're actually in New Orleans now heading to Dallas," Nooner explained, adding that the guys love living in The Big Easy. "It's home now. I mean, we're all from England, but it's home now. It's where we're kind of based out of. I think it's one of the greatest pieces of real estate on earth."

Sir Devon and the band are really no strangers to Shreveport-Bossier; they've played here many times. So, what makes this area special to them?

"We've been in this state for quite a while, going back and forth from the north to the south, east and west, and [Shreveport-Bossier] just [has] great, passionate fans for 80s music," Nooner said. "We've played a couple of indoor events and outdoor events in Shreveport for the last five or six years, and it seems to get bigger and bigger every year."

the molly ringwalds
Photo: The Molly Ringwalds

If you take a look at some of the photos on their website, you'll see the guys in the band don't always portray the same 80s icons. Why is that?

"We try and dress up different every once in a while," Sir Devon said. "I kinda have a standard character: the guy with the white stripe on his face. Randy is kinda like the Devo character. His outfit might change a little bit. A couple of the guys do do different things. Dickie English could be Pee Wee Herman night, he could be Freddy Mercury the next night. We try and be a little cheeky every once in a while. But I think a lot of our fans have kind of grown to each of the characters, so we don't want to change it too much, you know?"

For those of you who have never had a Molly Ringwalds experience, here's what you can expect to see and hear straight from the horse's mouth.

"You're going to hear some great 80's up-the-middle songs, like 'Don't Stop Believing' and 'Pour Some Sugar on Me,'" he said. "But then you might hear maybe some one-hit wonders, or some of the B-sides, like 'One Thing Leads to Another' by The Fixx. And then, a lot of energy on stage. You're gonna see five good-looking guys -- that's very important."

molly ringwalds
Photo: The Molly Ringwalds

He adds that if you like 80s music, you should not be disappointed. And the guys will even be hanging out for a little while after the show, so don't think the party stops when they do! But that's what Nooner thinks really makes Molly Ringwalds concerts stand out: getting the audience involved.

"I think the audience is the sixth member of the band and we want them to bring their A-game on Saturday. We surely will," Nooner said. "We love to take pictures and shake hands and kiss every baby after the show. And, you know, get ready. We're excited about it. We love playing Shreveport."

Patty in the Plaza, presented by Townsquare Media, Redd's Apple Ale and MetroPCS happens rain or shine Saturday, March 15 at Festival Plaza in downtown Shreveport. Check out the official event page for ticket info and band schedule.

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