Lafayette native Dustin "The Diamond" Poirier has another fight.

Rumors and teases have been flying around for some time about the possibility of Poirier jumping back into the octagon against Chandler, particularly after their dust-up back in July.

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At UFC 276, the two fighters ended up getting heated with each other while Chandler was headed to his seat.

Needless to say, UFC fans have been eagerly awaiting news on who the Diamond would fight next. Now it looks like Poirier and Chandler will get to exorcise whatever demons they have for each other.

Poirier is coming off a fairly long hiatus, with his last fight being a submission loss against Charles Oliveira in December. Prior to that, however, the southpaw made waves after defeating Conor McGregor twice in a row, including a KO that brought us the best Daniel Cormier reaction ever.

(Yes, I will take any chance I get to watch that fight/reaction again.)

Chandler, on the other hand, is coming off of a short stint on the Masked Singer...

I wasn't kidding.

But on the fighting side of things, Chandler's last fight was in May against Tony Ferguson. It ended with the single most violent looking front kick I think I've ever seen.

Seriously, viewer discretion advised for this one.

Hard to believe that's the same dude singing Britney Spears in a fuzzy boombox costume but hey, a man's gotta have hobbies.

As for Dustin Poirier, we know what his plans are this fall.

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