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Tonight is WWE's Royal Rumble, one of the premiere pro wrestling pay-per-views in the world. It's the official start to Wrestlemania season, and is usually a night where WWE can dish out surprises for their fans.

The centerpiece of the event is the Royal Rumble match, which is a Battle Royal full of surprise entrants. Well, they're not all surprises, but usually the order of when the wrestlers enter is. Inserted into that order is generally some surprises in the form of debuts or returns.

But it's not just the Royal Rumble match itself that can bring surprises. In 2017, the WWE Championship match featured John Cena winning his record-tying 16th Championship. A pretty big surprise for fans.

Tonight, there are a few surprises fans want to see. Here's a quick look:

#5 - Keith Lee Entering The Royal Rumble

Lee is one of the hottest NXT stars going, and if he gets into the Royal Rumble, the crowd will be way into it. Hopefully he's allowed some big eliminations in the match, because there's no way he wins.

#4 - Brock Lesnar Winning The Royal Rumble

Brock will enter at #1, and as the WWE Champion. Both of these things are odd. Which is why fans would be shocked if he wins the whole thing, but would make some fans pretty happy too, because it would either set up Brock vs Bray Wyatt's Fiend at Wrestlemania, or it would draw out some creativity for Mania season.

#3 - Edge Returning In The Royal Rumble

We thought we'd never see Edge in the ring again. Medically, his career was over. BUT, then last year he got in the ring and delivered a spear. Ever since that point, people have been speculating there's a miracle return coming for the Rate R Superstar

#2 - Daniel Bryan Beating The Fiend

Bray Wyatt's Fiend is the strongest force in pro wrestling right now. He's unstoppable so far. If Bryan is somehow able to win, it would shock EVERYONE watching. We're not really sure how fans would react, but we know for a fact they'll be shocked at least.

#1 - CM Punk Returns In The Royal Rumble

This has literally been the one thing fans have asked for since he left. CM Punk is one of the biggest stars in WWE history. When he left the company, it had appeared he'd burned every bridge between he and the company. However last year, Punk signed a deal with Fox to start co-hosting their new WWE studio show, something that it's likely WWE would have had to sign off on. Then Punk admitted there's a price that would get him back into a WWE ring. So maybe tonight, we'll finally see an explosive return.


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