The wise philosopher, Dionne Warwick once asked the question, "Do you know the way to San Jose?"  Southwest Airlines is banking on you answering, "yes".  The airline is set to launch a promotion this month offering flights to Hawaii for $49.00.  Yep, you read that right.  It will only cost you $49.00 to fly to the Aloha State.

Not so fast, if you want to participate in the promotion from Southwest Airlines, it will more than likely cost you more than $49.00.  The $49.00 promotion is only good at airports in Oakland and San Jose, California.  So, that means before you can fly off for some sun and sand, you will first need to hit the road.

You can always fly to Oakland or San Jose.  That will cost you and you will have to take multiple flights to get there.  Let's say you have the time and money to take a road trip to Oakland.  It should take you about 29 hours to cover 1,906 miles it will take to get you there.  Make sure to bring plenty of snacks for the road and to keep the sports talk going by listening to our station app.  If that sounds too far, you can make the trip to San Jose because it is closer.  Driving from Shreveport to San Jose should only take 28 hours and is 1,875 miles away.

Did I mention that the promotion is only for one-way tickets?  Sorry, I guess that part slipped my mind.  Yes, if you want to go to Hawaii alone and never return home, this is the trip for you. However, if you would like to plan a spring break or summer getaway you can always find some good local deals.  Right now, you can find flights from Shreveport Regional Airport to New Orleans or Destin, Florida for about $200.00 (according to Google Flights) for spring break. So go ahead and plan your vacay, you deserve it.

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