On October 25th, we had sad news for several loyal Notini lovers. The restaurant's Facebook page announced that they would be closing the end of November. It became a scramble to try and get our Notini's fix in before the restaurant shut down. Thankfully new owners for Notini's Italian Restaurant have come to our rescue.

"Notini's has great news for our customers! We will remain open through Wednesday, November 27th. We will close for Thanksgiving and reopen on December 2 under new ownership.
Congratulations to Tim Huck and Grayson Bailey, as they swooped in and saved the day! With over 40 years of combined restaurant experience, they will strive to continue in the Notini's tradition."

One of the new owners Tim Huck said, "We are super excited to make this announcement." Hey Tim, we are excited too. Can we please get it in writing that the marinara sauce and the sweet tea will remain the same forever?

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