I am a huge fan of Stranger Things, and who doesn't love Target. Now the two are getting married and we get to cherish the baby that is this clothing line.

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According to E! News, "The collaboration includes short and long sleeve T-shirts and a very special sweatshirt—Dustin's purple dinosaur hoodie."

If you check out the prices, it looks pretty affordable. E! News says the collection ranges from $12.99 to $24.99 with Dustin's purple sweatshirt being the most expensive item. The sizes are range from XS-XXL.


I wonder if they will have Eleven's pink dress from season one. I would totally buy that. Heck, I would even buy one of Mike's super 80's sweaters. I just hope they include Barb's most excellent style. If they have anything that is Barb-inspired, you better know that I will be rocking it. R.I.P. Barb!


You can see the collection hit the shelves by the end of this month, according to E! News.