After LSU lost to Alabama 21 to 0 in the 2012 BCS championship game, rumors flew hot and heavy as Tigers fans looked to explain their team's disappointing performance.

Now, in an 'Ask Me Anything' interview on, former LSU offensive lineman T-Bob Hebert addresses the rumors (why he, Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee didn't play a down) and innuendo (did he and Jefferson really exchange punches?) surrounding the game.

But what about his relationship with Tigers Head Coach Les Miles?

"The fact that I didn't play is still one of the most shameful points of my career," said Hebert. "Everybody wanted to win the game. The coaches stood to gain nothing by losing and if I didn't play that means that they flat out didn't think I could help them win."

It's a must-read for LSU Tigers fans.

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