The stage for the Super Bowl is officially set as the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will face off in Arizona on February 12th.  This matchup presents multiple exciting factors that should get folks from around the world to tune in. This matchup presents two factors that will each mark a first in NFL history. The first “first” is that a pair of brothers will face off against each other in the Super Bowl.

That’s right, Jason and Travis Kelce will be the first set of brothers to face off against each other in Super Bowl history. The Two brothers have done the majority of their football life together. They played together in high school. They even played college ball together at Cincinnati before both going on to have pretty successful careers in the league. Both brothers are multiple-time Pro Bowlers and AP All-Pros. They each have one Super Bowl title on their resume and are looking to add a second. Travis Kelce is considered to be one the best pass-catching tight ends to ever play the game while Jason Kelce has made a name for himself as a reliable center.


Believe it or not, this is not the only historical first that this Super Bowl matchup presents. This will be the first-ever Super Bowl between two black starting quarterbacks.

Patrick Mahomes became the third black quarterback in NFL history to ever win the Super Bowl and is looking to become the first black quarterback in NFL history to win multiple Super Bowls. Jalen Hurts on the other hand is looking to become the fourth black quarterback to win a Super Bowl. Dough Williams and Russel Wilson are the only other black quarterbacks to win a Super Bowl.


When a big game like this has a little bit of history in the making, it adds another level of excitement. Regardless of who wins, I’m looking forward to watching both of these stories play out on February 12th as the Chiefs take on the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

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