Let's face it, summer vacation is not all about sleeping in, visits to the beach, shopping for new school clothes and a happy break from school for everyone. While it is probably safe to say that most students are excited to hear that final bell ring on the last day of school, for some students summer vacation can bring uncertainty. Those students will no longer have the regular schedule of a school breakfast or lunch. For some students during the school year, the meal they receive at school is the only meal they will receive for the day. When they leave school on Friday they can expect their next meal on Monday. I know that is not what we want to think or talk about. Who wants to focus on the sad reality that some children in our own backyard have to deal with on a daily basis? However, this is a harsh reality that cannot be ignored.

In today's finger pointing society, we can argue about the responsibility of parents and the reason why a child may go hungry during summer. That is just wasting time. This post is not about the why, but rather it is about the how. How can we help to ensure that these students will not go hungry this summer?

One solution is the Caddo Parish School Board summer feeding program. The program was designed to feed your hungry little one during summer break. You can get more details about the schools participating in the breakfast and lunch programs here.  You can also check the United States Department of Agriculture website for programs in your area. If you are aware of any similar programs in our area, please feel free to share the details on our Facebook page.

Please do me one favor. If you know of a child or a family who could benefit from this program share this post with them. It is not about finger pointing; it is about providing a helping hand.


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