2 years ago (on June 11th, 2015), the American Dream Dusty Rhodes died. And to a lot of people, Dusty was just a fat guy who wrestled. Which he was and he did. But, for those who really followed his career, Dusty truly embodied what it was to accomplish the American Dream.

Dusty was the son of a plumber. A standout, multi-sport athlete. But he wanted to become a professional wrestler. And not only did he become a professional wrestler, for a lot of people, he was the second most recognizable athlete in the world. Second only to Muhammad Ali.

Sure he was a fat guy who liked to dance. But he was a fat guy who liked to dance who rose to the top of a business run by muscle heads with perfect bodies. He captured the attention of fans the world over like no other. For a guy with his build, he shouldn't have been able to accomplish anything. But he did.

He put in the work to achieve his dream. And by doing so, he became the 'American Dream'.

Whether you are a wrestling fan or not, we could all take a page out of Dusty's playbook. Work hard, never lose sight of what you accomplish and if you REALLY put in the work, you can accomplish anything. Don't let hard times get you down, daddy.  

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