There's a particularly short list of things I would NEVER do. This is easily number one on that list. GROSS!

Some guy in New Orleans decided he was getting the full Bourbon Street experience, so he decided to do possibly the most idiotic thing a human can do. He took off his shirt, and attempted to swim in a puddle on Bourbon. For those who have never been to Bourbon Street, this is no ordinary puddle. I would venture as far as saying only a microscopic percentage of the puddle is water. Most of it is a nasty combination of old liquor spilled throughout the day. Some of it is hand grenade remnants, other parts come from a BIG ASS BEER, throw in some fecal matter, and of course tourist's tears.

I'm sure if they pitched this to FearFactor, they would turn it down because it's simply too gross for a TV show where they eat bugs like it's going out of style.

That puddle could possibly be the grossest thing on the planet at any given moment, and this guy just went Michael Phelps on it.

If this doesn't gross you out, nothing will.

I'm not kidding, I can literally smell the puddle through my computer speakers.



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