The average american (that's you) eats around 2 lbs of bugs a year, according to Scientific American, and some people think that's a good start.  Really!  Even if you don't love eating creepy crawlies, you are doing it none the less.  Bugs sneak into just about everything, including factories where your favorite chips / cupcakes / ramen noodles / everything is produced and/or packaged.  There is a virtual guarantee that somewhere in your snacks there is a small percentage of beetle legs.  The Food and Drug Administration even has "limits" on the amount of bugs and bug parts they will allow into your food.  Caution: don't click this link if you want to remain able to grab a bag of chips and eat it without projectile vomiting!

The United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) wants you to move your bug eating habits from "EWWW!  I ate what?!?" to "More cockroach casserole, please!"  Why?  First off, they are just sick in the head.  Secondly, they think it could be the key to solving world hunger.  Insects are apparently packed with enough proteins and nutrients to make a huge impact in parts of the world where folks are starving.

Now before you get all "I'll never!" just think for a second.  You already eat crawfish, aka "Mudbugs," shrimp, crabs and the like - how much different is this?   For me, it's too much.  You can eat boiled love-bugs to your hearts content, I'll stick to normal and natural things like tur-duck-en.

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