Fox Sports host and NFL icon, Terry Bradshaw, has been in the media a lot in recent weeks. Bradshaw shared his touching story about his secret battle with cancer on live television. His story gained a lot of media attention and stole the hearts of many, but he is currently trending on social media for a completely different reason.

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Bradshaw, along with the other members of Fox Sports pre-game were discussing how the Arizona Cardinals should utilize their franchise quarterback. Sean Peyton suggested the idea of running the ball with Kyler Murray more in-order-to take advantage of his elite athleticism. Terry Bradshaw would counter Peyton's remarks with a critique, but what he said took all of the other hosts off guard.

You can immediately see Michael Strahan's reaction to the comment along with another host suggesting that Terry might have gone a little too far. Twitter took virtually no time getting this video to circulate on social media. The reactions from fans are pretty much split down the middle arguing that he went too far and others saying that he didn't mean it literally.

While I don't think Terry Bradshaw meant anything malicious with his comments, I do believe that there is a level of professionalism you have to keep as a host on a big-time network. Whether Bradshaw's comments are right or wrong, I will leave that up to you to decide. Do you think Terry Bradshaw went too far or do you think people are overreacting?

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