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What is going to happen this upcoming football season? Will we have both NFL and college football to consume? Will we have NFL action but not college football? Will there be football but with no fans?

There are so many possibilities as we push forward into uncharted waters with this whole coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday however, famed sports broadcaster for FOX Joe Buck visited with Andy Cohen of SiriusXM and gave his thoughts on the situation (via YouTube).

"It's pretty much a done deal" that was the big quote that stood out to me within this snippet of the conversation on Andy Cohen's radio show in regards to there being football with no fans this upcoming season.

Now, this is something I've been speculating for weeks/months now and the best practices to handle it because as I've heard from many listeners that they wouldn't even entertain watching football on TV with an empty stadium. Much like Buck, I've been saying that if fans aren't allowed at games the best way to go about the entire situation is to find a way to place virtual fans in the stands and pump in crowd noise to give the viewer as close to a real experience as possible.

This would be a little bit strange but aesthetically I think it would please the viewers watching on television. However, the fact still remains that the teams will be playing in empty stadiums with nothing but crowd noise pumped in, that's going to be a very weird realization for them.

There's no doubt all of this will take some time to get used to but if it's what's necessary for one season to ensure we don't have a setback with this pandemic while still being able to consume live sports and keep us safer I'm all for it.


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