The Smackdown World Tour hit the CenturyLink Center last night and there was  no shortage of muscles and wrestling celebrities.  In fact, there was no shortage of people either.

big show

My whole family went including three teenagers,  two of them girls, and my 13-year-old son.  Who liked it the most?  ME of course!

We all screamed with delight when "The Big Show" appeared.  Is he about 9 feet tall or what?

Then there was that good-lookin'  Ted Debiase sporting his green speedo, the gigantic you-know-what kicker Mark Henry,  Cody Rhodes, and hotter than ever superstar Randy Orton.

The main event was  Orton and Sheamus  in a street fight tag match against Mark Henry and Christian.   Randy Orton had to win,  or we would all have charged the rink and there would have been blood shed.