Today the pro wrestling world has changed forever. Fox and WWE have reportedly agreed to a massive deal to move WWE's "Smackdown Live" to Fox.

WWE puts on two live wrestling shows every week, "Monday Night Raw" and "Smackdown Live", Raw is on Monday (obviously) and Smackdown airs on Tuesdays. It's already been reported that Raw will remain on their current home, the USA Network, but the same reports indicated that Smackdown Live was still on the market. Until today, when it's reported that WWE and Fox have agreed to a 5 year, $1 Billion deal.

Pro wrestling has a $1 billion TV deal.

What a far point from where pro wrestling once was. Back in the day, pro wrestling was locked into "territories" and fractured across the country. Getting into homes through syndicated deals, and making most of their money and noise at live shows.

One of the biggest pro wrestling markets in the country was right here in Shreveport. The city was a hub for Mid-South Wrestling, a promotion that featured huge names like Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Ted DiBiase, The Junkyard Dog, Ernie Ladd, Dick Murdoch, and many more.

As pro wrestling hits it's biggest peak to date, it's always fun to remember where you came from. So here's a classic match from Mid-South Wrestling in Shreveport from 1985:

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