It was not a good weekend for Shreveport native Jerry Tillery. Not only did his Notre Dame team fall to rival USC, but Tillery was flagged for committing two dirty plays on national TV.

The first of the two plays was actually on an injured player. A USC running back had taken a helmet-to-helmet hit, and was on the ground with a possible head or neck injury. As play was stopped, Tillery appeared to softly kick, or nudge, the injured players head.

Tillery was not flagged for this, and it could have been written off as a simple accident, but a couple of plays later, Tillery removed any and all doubt about his intentions. After USC scored a touchdown, Tillery decided it was the best time to stomp on a downed players ankle.

Now this isn't the first time that Tillery has made national news for the wrong reasons. In fact, it's not even the first time this season. Earlier this year, Tillery was caught up in a Twitter scandal after it was discovered that he had been positively responding to Tweets calling for Les Miles to replace Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly.

Not to mention that Tillery was suspended from Notre Dame's Fiesta Bowl loss last season for "violating team rules". 

There has been a lot of noise made about the future of Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly in the last few weeks. Notre Dame will end this season with a losing record, and wasn't really competitive in most games. There are rumblings that he's looking to leave the university, and that the university might be alright with this. If Kelly stays, he'll likely suspend Tillery once again, at least for part of next season. But if Kelly were to leave, there's no guarantee that the new coach would want Tillery in the program. But there's also a chance Tillery wouldn't want to remain under a new coach.

If Tillery were to transfer, he would have to sit one season at another Division 1 school, or he could play immediately at a Junior College or with a waiver from the NCAA. However with this track-record, it's unlikely that the NCAA would grant any special permissions right now.

Let's just all hope that this national attention serves as a wake-up call to a very gifted athlete.