Shreveport voters overwhelmingly approved all 6 property tax renewal millages on the ballot Saturday.

Proposition 1 for streets passed with 68%of the voters saying yes. This millage will pay for improving, repairing, and maintaining the streets of the City of Shreveport.

Proposition 2 for Parks & Recreation/Community Centers won support of 64% of voters. This millage will pay for operating and supplying park and recreational facilities and personnel with resources to maintain current programming and levels of service.

Proposition 3 for employee salaries gets the ok from 66% of voters. This tax will fund the current salary and wage schedule for first responders and other City employees.

Proposition 4 for Police & Fire Equipment and Uniforms is an easy winner with 69% support. It provides for police and fire personnel uniforms and equipment.

Proposition 5 for Pension, Health and Life Insurance gets a yes vote from 65% of the voters. It supplies money for the City’s portion of pensions, employee life insurance and hospitalization plan for City employees.

Proposition 6 to continue funding for the Three Platoon System for police wins with 64% support.

All six of these millages bring in more than 11 million dollars.

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