Evangel Graduate Dez Duron sang on television last night on the hit show, "The Voice."   Duron is the son of Shreveport native Denny Ruron, who was a quarterback at Louisiana Tech in 1972 and 1973.


Dez Duron gave up a lot to audition for ‘The Voice,’ so it was pretty heartbreaking when the college student didn’t prompt any of the judges to whip their chairs around with his performance.

Before he moved out to California to pursue a career in singing, Duron was attending Yale and playing football for the Ivy League institution. He took a semester off to appear on ‘The Voice,’ but his cover of the Backstreet Boys‘ ‘I Want It That Way’ just didn’t cut it.

The Shreveport son was hoping to make his dad proud, since Duron’s father is the inspiration behind his singing and football career (dad won a Grammy for writing the song ‘We’ve Come to Worship’). He said, “[My father's] been a hero of mine since I was really young. Today is huge, so obviously I’m feeling some nerves.” When he took the stage, Duron showed off his very distinct and interesting voice.

At one point, Blake Shelton turned to Adam Levine and said, “That’s right up your alley!” Cee Lo Green also encouraged Levine to turn around, saying, “Take a chance, Adam!” However, the very particular Levine never turned around.

Christina Aguilera was kicking herself for missing out on coaching the handsome crooner, while Levine’s fellow judges were taking jabs at him for not picking Duron. When Levine told Duron, “I think for me, it was maybe stylistically we wouldn’t jam so well together,” he was met with some disagreement from his fellow judges.

Dez has a lot of talent and he shouldn't give up. You can friend him on facebook.

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