WalletHub recently released its annual report on the best and worst in the United States.  Last week we posted its list of the Best States To Raise A Family where Louisiana came in 48th.  However, in another list, three Louisiana cities--including Shreveport--rank in the Top 20 of all U.S. cities.  But these high rankings are for a dubious distinction--being among American's most sinful cities.  As one would imagine Las Vegas ranks #1, and you would figure that New Orleans would be on the list, and they are at #10.  But Baton Rouge comes in at #9 because of its high rankings in anger, hatred, and thievery.  And Shreveport made the list at #20 for laziness and obesity rates, debt-to-income ration, and (surprise!) gambling addiction.  Huh, you might think the first and the last one in Shreveport would cancel each other out if people are too lazy to gamble.

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