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A man with a lengthy criminal record has been found guilty on a lesser charge for the 2020 murder of 33-year-old Rodney Christopher Norbdy.

The Caddo Parish District Attorney's Office has announced that 27-year-old Daniel Ralph Haire has been found guilty on a lesser charge of Manslaughter for his role in the killing of Nordby. Haire was also found guilty on a charge of Possession of a Firearm or Carrying a Concealed Weapon by a Convicted Felon.

Haire was originally arrested and charged with Second Degree Murder for the slaying of Nordby. Police say that Haire killed Nordby in February of 2020 at Haire's home in the 100 block of Swedes Avenue in Shreveport. Haire shot Nordby with a crossbow, killing him. He then enlisted help to wrap Nordby's body into bed comforters, and to dispose of the body.

Nordby's body was found at a park at the end of Wallace Lake Road in south Caddo Parish. When police started their investigation, they traced Nordby's associates, and while investigating Haire's home, they found bedding that matched what the body was disposed in, and other evidence that connected Haire to the killing.

When Haire was apprehended during a traffic stop, a crossbow and rifle were found in the vehicle.

During an interview with police, Haire confessed to inviting Nordby to his home, shooting him with the crossbow, wrapping him in the blankets, and placing it into a trashcan. He then admitted to disposing of the body, first in a dumpster, but then ultimately at the park on Wallace Lake Road.

Haire had a lengthy criminal record prior to the killing. He had been arrested 12 times between 2012 and 2020. Including charges of Battery, Theft, and drug related charges.

However, even with the evidence, criminal history, confessions, and charges of Second Degree Murder, Haire was only found guilty of a lesser charge. Instead of being convicted of Second Degree Murder, he will only face sentencing for Manslaughter and Possession of a Firearm or Carrying a Concealed Weapon by a Convicted Felon.

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