The who and where of the 2022 NFL schedule has been known since January but the NFL has a way of grabbing the sports headlines in the offseason.

Yesterday was one of those days.

The NFL officially released the 272 game regular-season schedule on Thursday, drawing an immediate reaction from 32 fan bases.

Despite the "who" and "where" already being determined, it's the "when" that gets football fans excited.

How many primetime games will your favorite team play in?

Will they be in a cold-weather location early in the season before winter strikes? Or late in the season when the elements will be in full effect?

Will your favorite team have to travel far on a short week for a Thursday game? Or do they get to stay at home?

Major advantages and disadvantages come when the "when" question of the schedule is answered.

As it pertains to the 2022 NFL schedule the Buffalo Bills have the biggest advantage and it's not even close. Here's why.

Factor in Buffalo's home-field advantage with weather and a rabid fanbase, couple it with the major rest asset, and the Bills chances of winning the next Super Bowl improved yesterday.

Consider this.

In 2021, the Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams had the fifth-best net rest differential, while the runner-up and AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals had the second-best net rest differential.

In a sport as physically taxing as football, an edge in rest goes a long way.

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