You have probably seen several warnings concerning a "Zombie Snake". The Eastern Hognose snake is also known as the puff adder, because of what it does when it feels threatened. It puffs up to make you think you have walked up on some kind of cobra. While the mildly venomous bite will send you to the hospital the bite is only capable of sedating small prey like a toad or a mouse.

Why are people all of a sudden so scared of this snake? It plays dead when it feels it's in danger earning it the name of "Zombie Snake".

No, the snake does not die and come back to life. It just plays possum and hopes you see it and keep walking. If you do happen to walk up on one just let it be. Don't try and pick it up to bury it. You'll both freak out and you'll get bit and have to rush to the hospital.

According to the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory at the University of Georgia, the Eastern Hognose snakes are "NOT aggressive and rarely bite people." Don't take your chances, leave the "Zombie Snake" alone.

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